Monday, July 13, 2009

Stake Girls Camp '09

Oh, the wonders of Kara without makeup.

Camp this year was at Glenwood, which brought back a ton of memories of family reunions we had in the past. I searched our cabin for name carvings, looking for one my cousin did. Couldn't find it, though. The old ampitheater is still there, but it looks a lot smaller now. When you're only three feet tall, everything is bigger, I guess.

It was my second or third night there that I had a very unusual, and by far the most interesting, experience there. I had been dreaming I was Lorelai Gilmore (from the Gilmore Girls) and Sookie was pregnant again, and while she went into labor, I hopped in the shower. Before I knew it, I woke up from my dream, and I was actually IN the SHOWER. I was still in my pajamas, which were soaked, and warm water was still running on me. But apparently, I was smart enough in my sleep to take my shoes off before I got in. I can't believe I was smart enough to put them ON. I walked out of the lodge shower and stepped outside, hoping nobody was awake. I didn't see anyone, until I heard laughing behind me. Sister Flemming was looking at me, and I gave a little wave before waddling back to my cabin. My bunk mates were still asleep, but I found out later that when I stepped on a hairbrush in my dream, that was actually me stepping on Makayla, who was sleeping on the floor. I told them all that next time they saw me walking out of the cabin at five in the morning, they had better wake me up.
And yes, that was the first time I ever slept-walked.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last semester, I took a creative writing course, and as a final project we had to put together a portfolio of some of our work. My favorite piece that I included was a little memoir about a kindergarten experience I had. It was absolutely hilarious to hear crazy Mrs. Goodwin read it out loud; she interpreted the voices and attitude just right.

I learned not to give into peer pressure. I learned it early, and I learned it the hard way. It's very hard to say "No" to the boy you have a crush on, even if it is only
In kindergarten, our school day was separated into stations. One station, we learned about general school stuff. Another was playtime, another coloring, and another, an activity with the teacher. Each day we would start at a different station with our little group, and rotate stations every hour. I was in the red group. I loved red. We had a little colored piece of tape on our shoulders, announcing to everyone exactly which group we were in. I was very proud of my red tape. It made me feel important.
On this particular day, my group's first station was with the teacher, Mrs. Barnes. She was young and pretty, and I thought she was a movie star. Everybody loved her.That day, we were shaking little jars or cream until they turned into butter. It was a very long process, but I didn't care because I got to sit two chairs away from Robert, the cutest boy in kindergarten. He knew I liked him, which is probably why it was me he picked on to pull a prank. He knew I'd do anything he asked. Mrs. Barnes left to answer the phone, and Robert whispered to me, "Hey, Kara! Ya know what you should do? Put your piece of tape upside down on Mrs. Barnes's chair. Come on, it'll be funny!"
My little heart began to beat quickly. The other boys began grinned. I didn't want to do it, but I knew I'd be shunned by all of them if I didn't. I wanted them to like me. Especially Robert. I bit my lip as they egged me on. "Hurry, Kara! She's almost done with the phone!"After making sure that Mrs. Barnes wasn't looking, I peeled
the red tape off my shoulder and quickly placed it on the teacher's chair.
"Upside down!" Robert reminded me. I flipped the tape over and sat back down in my seat just as Mrs. Barnes hung up.
Everyone at our table began shaking the jars of cream, trying to look inconspicuous. Mrs. Barnes grinned at us. "Look at you guys!" she said. "You're all doing such a fantastic job!" And she sat down.
Carl, on of the boys, began to snicker, but Robert stomped on his foot to make him stop.
The rest of the hour passed normally, and we went to the next station. All the kids noticed the red tape stuck to Mrs. Barnes's behind. Giggles could be heard all throughout the classroom. Our teacher noticed the laughter, but couldn't find the cause. Eventually, she finally asked us, "What is so funny?"
Megan, the class tattle-tale, raised her hand and proclaimed, "I know!"
My eyes grew wide as saucers and Robert glared at her.
"There's tape on your butt!" Megan said matter-o-factly.
Mrs. Barnes twisted around and peeled the traitorous tape off of her pants. Her face glowed red, her expression going at once from embarrassment to anger.
Her eyes scanned the students, and fell on my shoulder. I was the only one without tape. I gulped, dreading what would happen next.
With gritted teeth, Mrs. Barnes spoke. "Kara Lyn," she drawled, drawing out every word, just to torture me, "I'd like to see you outside."
I silently stood up and began walking towards the door. I shuffled my feet, which felt as heavy as brick. Mrs. Barnes followed me outside like an executioner, and slammed the door.
I swear that everyone in the classroom heard every word she screamed. Tears streaming down my face, I explained that Robert had pressured me to do it. She crossed her arms and told me to get back inside, but to send Robert out. I did as she said. Robert glared daggers at me as he walked out, looking betrayed. There was no chance he'd ever like me now. I wiped away my tears and realized the whole class was staring at me. They were grinning. One of the boys piped up, "Kara, that was the coolest thing anyone ever did."
I started, and then smiled mischievously. "Thanks! Thought of it all by myself, too."
I didn't realize until after I wrote it that the two boys I mention with names were Robert and Carl. The same names of my two eldest brothers. I thought it was ironic.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alright, so, I have pictures of my now SHORT hair. Actually, it's even shorter. Jessica recut it, so now there's actually a STYLE to it, highlights. Yes, you heard me correctly. And yes, my mom is... not happy about it. I think it's funny! I've gotten lots of compliments on it, and I like it. Mom just isn't used to it yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Alright, so, the family has been pestering me and pestering me to put something on my blog. Well, now I actually have something to put up, as well as some news!

My dear friend Heather just finished her photography final. She needed a line of six "fashion photos". And I got to skip part of my Global Perspectives class so a few of my friends and I could model for her! The pictures turned out great, except afterwards we noticed I had this crazy little piece of hair that stuck out funny. Heather tried photoshoping it out, but it didn't work. :( Oh well. I still look great!

Now for the news: my sister-in-law Jessica cut six inches off my hair on Friday!! It was exciting. My hair was 17 inches or longer before it was cut, so now my hair just reaches my shoulders. It's really cute. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it yet, so Dad'll have to take one and I can post it on here later for you all to see.

P.S. Happy Mother's Day, to all you moms out there!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

You say iambic pentameter, I say who cares?

Here's a "sonnet" I wrote for my English class last month:

Nightmare (or, The Cause of Insomnia)

To dwell in unconscious fabrications
For faint multitudes is blissfully sweet.
Yet when glorious fantasy darkens
The eerie and nefarious you'll meet.
Their piercing eyes scrutinize every move
As you writhe with fear, stumbling away.
Your much discomfort they seem to approve
As they turn ecstasy into dismay.
Tattered, hooded robes, like Death's, drag behind
As one glides forward, a raw hand outstretched.
A defending beacon you try to find
For your hope of survival is farfetched.
Yet there's no need to fret, no need to care.
Sunlight will wake you from this strange nightmare.